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File #: ORD 2022-019    Version: Name:
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
File created: 3/21/2022 In control: Town Council
On agenda: 9/20/2022 Final action: 9/20/2022
Title: Ordinance Adding Chapter 10.12 of the Castle Rock Municipal Code Regarding Truck Routes (Second Reading - Approved on First Reading on September 6, 2022, by a vote of 6-1)
Attachments: 1. Ordinance, 2. Attachment A: Existing/Projected Truck Route Map, 3. Attachment B: Designated Truck Route Map, 4. Public Comment - email, 5. Staff Presentation

To:                     Honorable Mayor and Members of Town Council


Through: David L. Corliss, Town Manager


From:                     Daniel Sailer, P.E., Public Works Director



Ordinance Adding Chapter 10.12 of the Castle Rock Municipal Code Regarding Truck Routes (Second Reading - Approved on First Reading on September 6, 2022, by a vote of 6-1)




Executive Summary


Town Staff are continuously evaluating the transportation system for recommended safety improvements with the goal of maximizing the values our community desires which are as follows:

                     High Safety

                     Low Total Lifecycle Cost


                     Low Downtime

                     Low Environmental Impacts


In the Fall of 2021, Town staff received feedback at the Gilbert Street Speed Management public open house to consider designated truck routes as a result of a high number of trucks using collector roadways as their primary routes. Currently, the Town does not have rules and regulations regarding safe access to Town roadways or a Designated Truck Route Program which results in trucks of any size or weight utilizing any Town street unless otherwise posted. This has created safety, and quality of life issues near and in residential areas. In addition, roads are built to different pavement specifications depending on roadway classification so when a heavier volume of trucks travel on a collector or local road there is concern for the road’s pavement lifespan. Based on public request and the factors listed above, staff began to look into establishing town wide designated truck routes and rules to govern them for Castle Rock similar to programs in Castle Pines and Parker.


This Ordinance establishes the maximum gross vehicle weight that can operate on any Town roadway, and if in excess which roadways are designated as the truck route. It designates that Town Council is authorized to establish the routes by resolution, which designation shall become effective and enforceable by the Police Department when appropriate signs are in place giving notice to the public. This Ordinance also states the penalty for violation of the weight limit and traveling through Town off the route without local business in the vicinity. A proposed route and resolution, creating the designated truck route (Attachment B), which the Public Works Commission has already reviewed and is recommended to be approved on second reading with this ordinance. By approving this the Town eliminates the need for creating localized no truck traffic areas. Trucks would be required to utilize designated truck routes unless they have a specific origin or destination that requires the use of a street outside of designated routes.


Staff is recommending approval of the Ordinance and any feedback on the proposed truck routes to be approved with a separate resolution. This resolution will be scheduled for action upon second reading of this ordinance.


Notification and Outreach Efforts


Staff presented the program and its possible impacts to community stakeholders. These stakeholders include Town staff, CDOT, Douglas County, emergency services, local Economic Development Council, Colorado Motor Carriers Association, the trucking business community, local businesses, developers, and Castle Rock residents. The program's purpose and goals were outlined with the desired outcome to successfully communicate to truck drivers the routes that shall be taken through Town to eliminate cut through truck traffic in predominantly residential areas.


Staff also went to individual businesses along Gilbert St in January 2022 to hand deliver notification of the proposed Designated Truck Route Program and provide notification of public open house.


Public outreach has been a continued focus for this program assessment. Feedback from the community was gathered using various collection methods, including the Town's website, feedback forms, and an open house. On April 18th, 2022, Town staff hosted an open house for the community to come and provide comments on the proposed truck route. Town staff gathered all feedback from stakeholders to provide an inclusive and thoughtful recommendation for the truck route. Feedback included comments from Councilmembers, HOA's, businesses, and residents. General themes of concern included:


                     Reducing the speed limit on Founders Pkwy (Hwy 86)

                     Degradation of the roadway due to additional truck traffic

                     Engine and road noise along the proposed routes

                     Ability to enforce the routes and perceived violations due to engine noise


CDOT is reviewing the speed limit on the section of Founders Parkway between Fifth Street and Crowfoot Valley Road, and the section of State Highway 86 between Ridge Road and Enderud Boulevard. They will be collecting data in the next month and providing staff with a summary and recommendation over the summer.


History of Past Town Council, Boards & Commissions, or Other Discussions


On June 6, 2022, a Designated Truck Route Resolution, defining the route, was presented to Public Works Commission. Commissioners inquired about certain roadway segments like Crystal Valley Parkway and Plum Creek Parkway west of Interstate 25. It was explained that these two roadways were not on the truck route plan as there was not a commercial area and more preferred routes like S Lake Gulch to Plum Creek Parkway, and Wolfensberger Road are better suited for trucks. Trucks on these two roadways therefore would be cut-through traffic unless they had local business in these areas. There was also a question about the penalty for violating the truck route without local business on non-truck route roadways. We did not have that information at that time of the meeting. After review by Legal Department we thought it was best to establish this Ordinance first, as well as state how the route would be established by resolution, and thus to be amended would also need a new resolution. Without an Ordinance, the current applicable penalty by the Police Department would be via CRS 42-4-106, “Drove truck/commercial vehicle where prohibited” or “Vehicle exceeded posted weight limitation”. It is a zero point violation and in the Town’s Municipal Court would be a $40.00 fine. The Town could designate a higher penalty with this Ordinance similar to Parker and Castle Pines. Commissioners unanimously approved the motion recommending Town Council approve aresolution designating a Truck Route.


There was a presentation on July 11, 2022 to the Public Works Commission to obtain the Commission’s recommendation to Town Council for the Ordinance as introduced by title. Public Works Commission voted unanimously to recommend approval.




Before establishing routes, staff reviewed other jurisdiction's policies, ordinances, and codes to guide what was working for other communities. We discovered that several municipalities of a similar size currently have within their municipal code a designated truck routes map approved by their council, and a designated mechanism to allow changes to that truck route map. Castle Pines and Parker, Colorado have programs most similar to what is being recommended with this Ordinance and we have used elements from both in drafting it. Details regarding what the definition of a “truck” for purposes of determining weight limits 10,000 pounds GVW, exempt vehicles like emergency services, approving the specific route via Town Council resolution, information drivers need to have for traveling off route, and the penalties for violations were used. Both Parker and Castle Pines have a maximum fine of up to $1,000.


Vehicle types and loading contribute to wear on the pavement, as do environmental factors. Pavement sections for state highways and major arterials are designed for this type of wear from large vehicles. The Town has a Pavement Maintenance Program (PMP) that will continue to evaluate and make repairs. The proposed truck routes are all major arterials or state highways. The Town doesn't have a substantial amount of truck traffic that a significant industrial or manufacturing center would generate. The selected routes are major arterials which are the routes the Town encourages trucks to use today for both trucks passing through Town and for internal haul routes.


The Town currently has a Haul Route Permit review, approval, and inspection process for trucks performing site grading as a part of site construction work. Staff reviews routes and directs trucks to follow these truck routes as close as reasonable, and they are required to follow that route as condition of their permit. In this Ordinance, trucks with a valid Town issued construction permit would be able to use any roadway to get to their destination.


Traffic counts were taken in April 2022. The counts show that of the total average daily traffic (ADT) on corridors, trucks were less than 5% of overall traffic on state highways and between 1% and 3% on the Town’s major arterials. This is below typical percent trucks of 3% to 6% on these types of roadways. Since the overall total number of trucks routing through Town will not be influenced by the implementation of a Designated Truck Route program, truck volumes are not anticipated to change on Wolfensberger Road, Lake Gulch Road, Highway 86 east of Founders Parkway/Ridge Road, or Highway 86 north of Meadows Parkway. With the implementation of truck restrictions on Gilbert Street and Wilcox Street, there will be a very small increase in the number of trucks along Founders Parkway, Plum Creek Parkway, and Ridge Road. However, the increase of trucks along these roads is anticipated to less than 100 trucks per day. In addition, the implementation of the truck route would result in a reduction of trucks on Gilbert Street and through downtown Castle Rock by 130 or less trucks per day.


Table 1 shows the existing truck volume and percent of trucks, and the projected truck volume and percent trucks, along routes where implementation of the Designated Truck Route program will increase or decrease overall truck traffic. A map of the data shown in Table 1 is included as

Attachment A.


Table 1 Existing and Projected Truck Traffic with Implementation of the Designated Truck Route Program

                                                               Average                     Existing                     Existing                     Project Truck                     Projected

                                                               Daily                     Truck                     Percent                     Volume with                     Percent Trucks

                                                               Traffic                     Volume                     Trucks of                     Designated                     with Designated

                     Roadway                     Location                     (ADT)                     (April 2022)                     ADT                     Truck Routes                     Truck Routes

Founders Pkwy

North of Hwy 86






Ridge Road

North of Enderud Blvd






St Hwy 86

East of Founders Pkwy






Plum Creek Pkwy

East of Gilbert






Plum Creek Pkwy

Near Perry Street






Fifth Street

East of Woodlands






Wolfensberger Rd

West of Prairie Hawk







As shown in the table, the overall percent of truck traffic is expected to increase by 0.3% on Plum Creek Parkway, 0.4% on Ridge Road, and 0.4% on Founders Parkway, and reduce by 0.7% on Gilbert Street. Note that the above figure is an estimation and the projected five trucks on Gilbert St are representative of local deliveries still being allowed under the Designated Truck Route program.


Members of the Police Department have also been involved in our outreach effort. They have reviewed the proposed designated truck route program, and feel it is a great way to keep trucks on the major thoroughfares and out of neighborhoods and residential streets. We continue to coordinate with Police to address noise complaints associated with truck traffic using decibel meters. The volume level of truck noise is not likely to change.


If approved, Police would focus their efforts on enforcement and education of motorists on the law. If truck drivers are traveling off route, they would need to provide Police evidence of business in the area to justify their presence. If needed, Police could dedicate members of their team for directed enforcement which can speed the educational process. Police does not have an opinion on penalty fines, points on license, etc. The common belief regarding increased penalties is that the Police should not be involved in those types of decisions. Enforcement from Police would occur as person-hours allow. Communications will continue with Castle Rock Police Department as the program matures.


This Ordinance states a penalty of $500 for the first violation, and up to $1,000 for a third or subsequent violations. This penalty is the same as nearby community of Castle Pines, Colorado for their truck route violations.


If the Ordinance is approved, Town staff will coordinate with Community Relations to provide an update to businesses and the community about the routes. Following approval, Town Staff will install signage to guide drivers to the appropriate routes and give notice to the public.


Budget Impact


Currently this Ordinance and program have no budget impacts. Staff is anticipating that new signage to mark the route will be funded from our current traffic maintenance account budget, and future maintenance needs will be adjusted to support this program. The Police Department will continue to assess their resource needs as part of their annual budgeting process.


Staff Recommendation


Staff recommends approval of the attached Ordinance that will establish the authority to designate vehicles, penalties, and process for creating a designated truck route. The resolution for the truck route has already been approved by Public Works Commission and will be presented if the Ordinance is approved.


Proposed Motion


"I move to approve the attached Ordinance as introduced by title."


Alternative motions:


“I move to approve the Ordinance as introduced by title, with the following conditions: (list conditions)”


“I move to continue this item to the Town Council meeting on (date) to allow additional time to (list information needed)”





Attachment A:  Existing and Projected Truck Traffic with Implementation of the Designated Truck

                     Route Program Map

Attachment B: Proposed Designated Truck Routes Map