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File #: ORD 2022-017    Version: Name:
Type: Quasi-Judicial Ordinance Status: Consent Calendar
File created: 6/21/2022 In control: Town Council
On agenda: 9/6/2022 Final action:
Title: Ordinance Amending the Town's Zone District Map by Approving the Dawson Trails Planned Development Plan and Zoning Regulations (Second Reading - Approved on First Reading on August 16, 2022 by a vote 7-0)
Attachments: 1. Staff Report 2nd Reading, 2. Staff Report 1st Reading, 3. Attachment A: Site Vicinity Map, 4. Attachment B: Ordinance, 5. Exhibit 1: Legal Description, 6. Exhibit 2: Dawson Trails Planned Development Plan and Zoning Regulations, 7. Attachment C: Castle Rock Ranch Planned Development - 1984, 8. Attachment D: Westfield Trade Center Planned Development Plan - 1989, 9. Attachment E: Dawson Ridge Planned Development Plan - 1986, 10. Attachment F: Traffic Impact Analysis, 11. Attachment G: Colorado Parks and Wildlife Referral Letter, 12. Attachment H: Summaries of Neighborhood Meetings, 13. Attachment I: Emails from the Public (link), 14. Attachment J: Twin Oaks HOA External Referral Comments, 15. Attachment K: Keene Ranch HOA External Referral Comments, 16. Attachment L: Fiscal Impact Analysis, 17. Attachment M: Colorado Division of Wildlife - Elk Ranges, 18. Comment Form Online Submittals, 19. Staff Presentation, 20. Applicant Presentation, 21. Incentive Overview Presentation
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To:                     Honorable Mayor and Members of Town Council


Through:                     Dave L. Corliss, Town Manager


From:                                          Tara Vargish, PE, Director, Development Services


Ordinance Amending the Town’s Zone District Map by Approving the Dawson Trails Planned Development Plan and Zoning Regulations (Second Reading - Approved on First Reading on August 16, 2022 by a vote 7-0)




Executive Summary


Town Council held a public hearing on Tuesday, August 16, 2022 to consider the proposed Dawson Trails Planned Development Plan and Zoning Regulations on 1st reading.  Council voted 7-0 to approve the rezoning as proposed.


The Dawson Trails Planned Development Plan and Zoning Regulations (Exhibit 2) has had minor corrections made since 1st reading as noted below:

                     Sheets 3-9: Hatching of Open Space Areas corrected,

                     Sheet 11: Phase Plan corrected to match Development Agreement requirements for timing of construction of the northern section of Dawson Trails Boulevard

                     Sheet 12: Removed “DRAFT”, and

                     Sheet 14: Ordinance number and date of 2nd reading filled in.


Dawson Trails I, LLC (applicant), on behalf of all current owners of record, has submitted a Major Planned Development Amendment application, titled as Dawson Trails Planned Development (PD).  The Dawson Trails PD application proposes to rezone property that includes a portion of the Westfield Trade Center PD and all of the Dawson Ridge PD, with the exception of three 1-acre parcels.


The Dawson Trails PD consists of approximately 2,064 acres, and is located in the southwest quadrant of the Town boundaries; it is west of Interstate 25 (I-25) and north and south of Territorial Road (Attachment A).  The future Crystal Valley Parkway/I-25 Interchange (Interchange) will align with Territorial Road.  The Interchange is a Town capital improvement project, planned in partnership with Douglas County and the Colorado Department of Transportation, that is currently in the design phase. 


Compared to the underlying PD zoning, the rezoning proposal represents a substantial reduction in residential density and commercial square footage, and a significant increase in open space.  Highlights of the proposed PD Plan and Zoning Regulations include:


Key Elements  


                     A 202% increase in open space.

                     26% reduction in the total number of residential dwelling units.

                     An approximate 82% reduction in commercial/office/retail/industrial square footage.

                     Buffer widths increased from a maximum of 100 feet to a minimum of 250 feet.

                     A Wildland/Urban Interface Wildfire Vegetation Management Plan.

                     A 56% reduction in high density residential units, from approximately 5,453 to 2,400.

                     A highway oriented sign plan.

                     Prescriptive architectural design standards.



Budget Impact


Development of the property will generate review and impact fees, along with use taxes for commercial development.  Future sales tax generation will provide additional revenue to fund Town services.




Planning Commission voted 7 to 0 on August 11, 2022, to recommend approval of the Dawson Trails Planned Development Plan and Zoning Regulations to Town Council, with the following recommendations:


1) that the Town work with the County on the new frontage road extension from the south property boundary of the Dawson Trails development to intersection with Tomah Road, so the entire length of road is both safe and provides fire egress, and


2) to encourage the water department to work with the neighboring communities who may be interested in paying their fair share of accessing the Town’s central water system. 


Proposed Motions


Option 1: Approval


“I move to approve Ordinance No. 2022 - __, as presented, on 2nd and final reading.”


Option 2: Approval with Conditions


“I move to approve Ordinance No. 2022 - __, with the following conditions:” (list conditions)


Option 3: Continue item to next hearing (need more information to make decision)


“I move to continue this item to the Town Council meeting on [date], 2022, at [time].”




Attachment A:                     Site Vicinity Map

Attachment B:                     Ordinance

Attachment C:                     Castle Rock Ranch Planned Development - 1984

Attachment D:                     Westfield Trade Center Planned Development Plan - 1989

Attachment E:                     Dawson Ridge Planned Development Plan - 1986

Attachment F:                     Traffic Impact Analysis

Attachment G                      Colorado Parks and Wildlife Referral Letter

Attachment H:                     Summaries of Neighborhood Meetings

Attachment I:           Emails from the Public (link)

Attachment J:                     Twin Oaks HOA External Referral Comments

Attachment K:                     Keene Ranch HOA External Referral Comments

Attachment L:                     Fiscal Impact Analysis

Attachment M:                     Colorado Division of Wildlife - Elk Ranges