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File #: RES 2020-092    Version: 1 Name:
Type: Resolution Status: Passed
File created: 7/30/2020 In control: Town Council
On agenda: 9/15/2020 Final action: 9/15/2020
Title: Resolution Approving a Services Agreement with W.W. Wheeler & Associates, Inc., for Services Relating to the Design and Permitting of Castle Rock Reservoir No. 2 [Sedalia, CO]
Attachments: 1. Attachment A: Reso W.W. Wheeler and Associates - CR Resr. No. 2 design, 2. Exhibit 1: Professional Svcs Agr - W.W. Wheeler and Associates - CR Resr. No. 2 design, 3. Attachment B: Map, 4. Presentation

To:                     Honorable Mayor and Members of Town Council


From:                     Mark Marlowe, P.E., Director of Castle Rock Water



Resolution Approving a Services Agreement with W.W. Wheeler & Associates, Inc., for Services Relating to the Design and Permitting of Castle Rock Reservoir No. 2 [Sedalia, CO]




Executive Summary


Castle Rock Water is seeking Town Council approval of a Resolution (Attachment A) approving a professional services agreement (Exhibit 1) with W.W. Wheeler & Associates (Wheeler) for the design of Castle Rock Reservoir No. 2 (CRR2).  Renewable water storage is a key part of Castle Rock Water’s long term renewable water plan.  CRR2 will be a critical component of Castle Rock Water’s renewable water storage.  W.W. Wheeler & Associates proposed a fee of $497,300. This cost includes design, permitting and bidding phase services for the CRR2 design project. Staff has requested an expansion of work scope to perform potential failure mode analysis, prepare a design summary report for the State Engineer’s office, provide geotechnical and survey assistance for overhead power line relocation, and for additional assistance for Douglas County approval and permitting.  The cost of this additional work from W.W. Wheeler & Associates has added $58,400 to the initial proposal.  Additionally, staff also requests approval for a 10% Town-managed contingency of $55,570, for a total project authorization of $611,270.  The Town has also been awarded a grant from the Colorado Water Conservation Board for $125,000 for the permitting and design of CRR2, bringing the Town outlay for the project to $486,270.


W.W. Wheeler & Associates shall undertake the work upon execution of the agreement and shall complete work no later than October 31, 2021. A location map for the proposed Castle Rock Reservoir No. 2 is provided (Attachment B).




Castle Rock Water’s long-term goal is to provide a sustainable, reliable and renewable water supply for all of Castle Rock’s citizens and businesses. Renewable water storage plays a primary role in Castle Rock Water’s long term renewable water plan.  As part of this water supply plan, the Town of Castle Rock purchased a surface water diversion, pumping and raw water storage facilities located on Plum Creek near the Town of Sedalia. The diversion point is downstream from the confluence of East and West Plum Creek, which will allow the Town to maximize the use of its water rights, including reusable supplies and native supplies owned in East and West Plum Creek. Existing facilities include a diversion structure, two pump stations and a raw water storage reservoir, Castle Rock Water Reservoir No. 1 (CRR1-240 acre-feet capacity). The diversion structure provides for controlled diversion of water from Plum Creek to the Plum Creek Pump Station, which delivers water to CRR1 and to the Ravenna Pump Station (RPS). Construction of the new Plum Creek Diversion Pump Station (PCDPS) is nearing completion, which will replace the existing Plum Creek Pump Station, and pump raw water from Plum Creek to CRR1 and from CRR1 to Plum Creek Water Purification Facility (PCWPF). In accordance with the Water Resources Strategic Master Plan, Castle Rock Water is planning to construct Castle Rock Reservoir No. 2 (CRR2-1,130 acre-feet capacity) immediately east of CRR1. This new reservoir will help Castle Rock Water to accommodate daily high demands during summer months in the coming years and as an additional storage vessel for those times when Castle Rock’s junior surface water rights are in priority, or when free river conditions exist.


Design services will include site survey and geotechnical investigation, laboratory testing of soil samples, site seismicity testing, hydrologic evaluation and hazard classification, environmental permitting, site approval with Douglas County, preparation of an emergency action plan, and bidder qualification and bid assistance services.


CRR2 will be constructed at 5219 Rio Grande Ave, Sedalia, CO 80135. This 145-acre land parcel (Douglas County Parcel No. 2353-151-00-001) is owned by the Plum Creek Trust and is categorized as agricultural land. The Town of Castle rock obtained a blanket easement at this property in 2017 as part of the purchase of numerous water assets located in Douglas County from United Water and Sanitation District.


A Request for Proposal (RFP) was published on Bidnet on June 10, 2020 requesting proposals for the design of CRR2. Five firms provided proposals and fee schedules for the project.  The following table shows the fee proposals received from the five consulting firms.  Vandergriff Contractors’ proposal was considered non-responsive and was discarded from further consideration or evaluation.


Consulting Firm

Total Cost

W.W. Wheeler & Associates


RJH Consultants Inc.


GEI Consultants Inc.




Vandergriff Contractors



W.W. Wheeler & Associates has designed several facilities for the Town, including the CRR1 diversion structure adjacent to the Plum Creek Water Purification Facility. Additionally, W.W. Wheeler & Associates has designed many reservoir projects across Colorado including the Adobe Creek Dam near Las Animas, the Clear Creek Dam Replacement near Georgetown, and the Guanella Dam for the City of Golden.  Staff is confident of W.W. Wheeler & Associates capabilities to complete this project within budget and on schedule, and we recommend award of the design project to W.W. Wheeler & Associates.




Budget Impact


Funding for this project was budgeted in the 2020 budget in the line item titled Reservoir Upgrades account no. 211-4375-443-79-15 <Project Code WRCRR2>.  This account has a current balance in the amount of $250,000.  A budget transfer will be made from the CIP Operation & Maintenance account no. 211-4375-443.40-90 in the amount of $361,270.  This account currently has a balance of $1,734,008. In addition to the budgeted amount for Castle Rock Reservoir No. 2 design, Town has been approved for a $125,000 grant through the Colorado Water Conservation Board on July 15, 2020 and these funds will be used to offset the engineering consultant design fee. The W.W. Wheeler & Associates proposal fee, including additional scope of work, is $555,700.  Staff requests an additional $55,570 (Town-managed 10% contingency) be authorized for a total project authorization of $611,270.


Staff Recommendation


Staff recommends approval of the Resolution approving a Services Agreement for the Design Services for Castle Rock Reservoir No. 2 with W.W. Wheeler & Associates in the amount of $555,700.


Proposed Motion


“I move to approve the Resolution as introduced by title.”




Attachment A:                     Resolution

Exhibit 1:                                          Service Agreement

Attachment B:                     Infrastructure Location Map