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Type: Historic Preservation Board
Meeting location: Town Hall 100 N. Wilcox Street Castle Rock, CO 80104

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June 2024

Jun, 2024

Person Name TitleStart DateEnd DateWeb SiteAppointed By
Christopher Plucinski Boardmember
Termed-out: 5/31/2028
6/1/2023 5/31/2025    
Diane Evans Vice Chair
Termed-out: 5/31/2028
6/1/2023 5/31/2025    
John Beystehner Chair
1st term 6/2017 - 5/2019 2nd term 6/2019 - 5/2021 3rd term 6/2021 -
Termed-out: 5/31/2025
6/6/2017 5/31/2025    
Mike Borgelt Boardmember
1 term (p) 2/2021 - 5/31/2022 2 term 6/2022- DRB Rep-6/2021-5/2022, term 6/2022-5/2024, term 6/2024-5/2026
Termed-out: 5/31/2029
2/16/2021 5/26/2026    
Peter Gould Boardmember
1st-06/2022-5/2024, 2nd-6/2024-5/2026
Termed-out: 5/31/2030
5/20/2022 5/31/2026    
Robert Lange Boardmember
1st-06/2021- DRB Rep 12/2021-5/2022, 6/2022-
Termed-out: 5/31/2029
6/1/2021 5/31/2025    
Ron Claussen Liaison
Termed-out: 5/31/2025
7/20/2021 5/31/2025    
Scott Ashburn Boardmember
1st-06/2022-5/2024, 2nd 6/2024-5/2026
Termed-out: 5/31/2030
5/20/2022 5/31/2026    
The Historic Preservation Board works to protect and preserve the history of Castle Rock through recommendations to Town Council for designation of historic structures as landmarks at the local level. The board reviews and approves new construction and design renovation requests within the Craig and Gould neighborhood to maintain the historic and cultural heritage of this area. Three of the seven board members must be residents or property owners within the Craig and Gould neighborhood. Additionally, three of the seven board members are required to have an education background or experience in archaeology, architecture, history or planning. Meetings: 6 p.m. First Wednesday of each month Town Hall 100 N Wilcox St. Castle Rock, CO 80104 Meetings are open to the public and one or more Councilmembers may attend Member Terms: Two-year terms / max of four consecutive terms (8 years total). Partial terms only count as a full term if they serve over half the term.